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How important are guidelines for essays, assignments, coursework and short reports in Human Resource Management

How important are guidelines for essays, assignments, coursework and short reports in Human Resource Management

Whenever students are given any assignment, coursework, essays or short reports, they are also given a list of guidelines to follow in their assignments and other academic work. The reason these guidelines are given is to ensure that they are extensively followed and that the given academic work is done in order. If any of the guidelines are not followed then the scores are deducted accordingly else the students are rewarded accordingly. Educationists often provide their students with these assignments to test their knowledge and to ensure that they are able to move on ahead as well as sharpening their ability in their field of study.
Human Resource Management is a field relating to management of employees in an organisation setup or in an institution. Its branches are: 1). Recruitment & Selection, 2). Human Resource Development, 3). Compensation and Benefits, 4). Employee Health and Safety, 5). Employee and Labour Relations, 6). Leadership Development, and 7). International Human Resource Management. The following are the objectives of human resource management as a whole:

     ·  Determine staff needs.
     ·  Determining usage of temporary staff to fill part time posts.
     ·  Forecasting workforce requirements.
     ·  Recruiting new employees and training them.
     ·  Training existing employees into new positions and tasks.
     ·  Skills enrichment.
     ·  Work Supervision.
     ·   Harmonising organisational mechanism between company management and employees.
     ·   Managing employees’ unions and relations as well as collective bargaining.
     ·   Preparing and maintaining employee records and personal policies.
     ·   Managing employee performance, payroll, benefits and compensation.
     ·   Ensuring high performance and equal opportunities.
     ·   Dealing with discrimination and performance related issues.
     ·   Boosting Employee and Manager Motivation.
     ·   Developing Interpersonal skills and improving overall organisational behaviour.
     ·   Ensuring confirmation of Human resource rules and practices with various regulations and legislations.

Various theories of management as well as models of human resource management are also used to ensure above objectives are fulfilled which in turn improve organisational performance. The Human Resource Function is a very critical function and must ensure that no task or favour is a result of either cronyism or nepotism to ensure fair practices are underway. Also, the human resource function is capable of making the best out of employees and ensures that the best employees are retained by the company. When it comes to assignments, reports, essays and coursework for human resource management, students should follow the guidelines and ensure they have worked on the correct theories and models. Also, they should select the organisation for study very carefully.

What are the issues that students face in writing coursework, essays, assignments and even reports for human resource management? Apart from inability to grasp concepts which can be done with the aid of the course instructors, many students studying or obtaining higher education are working part time to support themselves and their personal expenses while some are working part time to learn and earn. Many are also working part time in their field so as to gain valuable experience that can help them excel in academics. However, these part time jobs can get demanding to an extent that these students are then left without the needed energy to complete their academic work on time. Furthermore, in case of a sudden illness, they need a dedicated and authentic essay writing service to help them in this regard. Since a considerable number of students studying in the United Kingdom come from foreign countries especially from Asia, Africa, Eastern and Southern Europe. The English language fluency of Middle Eastern and Eastern European Students is a concern as many are not only unable to grasp concepts easily but also that many of them also have incidences of grammatical, spelling and structuring errors as well. Since English is not the first language of many foreign students studying in the United Kingdom, the English language variant they practice is the American variant due to its highly globalised status. They also work time and have produced good results but since their situations is worrisome, it is imperative that they take help from an best essay writing service that has a team of dedicated, experienced and educated writers, round the clock service and amendments at economical prices in the form of UK Essays Experts.
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