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Ease of studies for International Students in Scotland and Republic of Ireland

Ease of studies for International Students in Scotland and Republic of Ireland


The rules in Scotland are the same due to Scotland being part of the United Kingdom, but since the rules on grammar and structuring are a bit relaxed, a considerable number of foreign students are studying in Scotland and many more are considering studying there. However, the English spoken in Scotland is very difficult one but still many students are considering studying there. Since most master’s degree graduates have to move back to their home nations to work, Bachelor’s degree graduates get a chance to work in Scotland’s competitive job market which has been facing some marginalisation from the British Government.

Scotland’s manufacturing base is still strong despite the reduction in manufacturing based industries and that services industries are making its way gradually. Rockstar games, a premium computer games maker is headquartered in Edinburgh whereas the sports leagues of Scotland are garnering enough interest from around the world on television and that Scotland’s spoken English is also slightly globalised, with Thanks to Hollywood through its movies. Scottish Educationists have relaxed the emphasis on grammar and structuring, and are more inclined towards enriching subject matter with most up to date facts, information and knowledge which then makes dissertations easy for these students. In terms of Dissertation Help UK, students studying in Scotland are also easily catered to with ease. The educationists in Scotland are quite supportive of their students and that at times, informal programs are conducted to ensure that they interact easily with their Scottish counterparts.

These days, it has been observed that Computer Science has become an emerging field for higher education students in Scotland, especially among students from Scandinavia and other parts of Asia, and Europe. Considering this age, this is undoubtedly a very good sign for a small country generating roughly a GDP of USD 250 billion and Per Capita Income of USD 45,904 per year. Major industries in Scotland include biotechnology, banking services, construction, edification, entertainment, financial services, oil & gas, tourism, manufacturing, transport equipment, and whisky. Shipbuilding is also a major industry in Scotland since the 20th century and continues to be of principal importance. Scotland also has long been renowned for the Loch Ness monster, its rich heritage, music, whiskey and culture, and that it has now began establishing a good base in science and technology. Being historically a part of former Viking colonies and empires, many Scandinavian footballers have played in Scotland (Peter Kjaer and Henrik Larsson among many others), Scottish Schools and Universities are becoming competitive.

This gradual movement towards computer science development is considerably observed as an improvement for the country. The population of Scotland is around 5.5 million people with the literacy rate standing at 99% and more than 90% of Scottish students are obtaining higher education in their native Scotland. As far as computer science is concerned, the following universities in Scotland are renowned for their excellence globally:

·         University Of Edinburgh.
·         University Of Glasgow.
·         University Of Dundee.
·         University Of Aberdeen.
·         Napier University Edinburgh.

On the other hand, The Republic of Ireland is a growing global hub for business, education and culture as well. Many people from Asia, Africa, Middle East, Eastern and Southern Europe as well as a few Latin American nations are now moving to the Republic of Ireland, owing to its openness to the European Union and the United Kingdom as well as International openness as well. Though, the Irish Gross National Product (G.N.P) is lower than the Irish Gross Domestic Product (G.D.P), the Irish economy has shown signs of strength and has balanced manufacturing and services as well as a world class infrastructure for lovability and earning a good rank on the human development index, ahead of the United States of America and Canada. The Republic of Ireland opened its doors following the adoption of the Euro as the single monetary unit across all of Europe. It subsequently became headquarters for leading American, Canadian and other numerous multinational Information Technology Corporations as well as becoming a major research and development hub for pharmaceuticals, electronics and information technology. Intel, Dell, Google, Pfizer, Allergan, Pioneer, Sharp, HP along with a host of others thereby boosting education and Dissertation Help UK. The following are among Republic of Ireland’s top Universities:

          · University College Dublin.
          · Dublin City University.
          · University College Cork.
          · University of Limerick.
          · National University of Ireland: Galway.
          · Maynooth University.

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